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Aurangabad is a town and the district headquarters of Aurangabad District one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India. Aurangabad has a population of 101,520. Aurangabad is situated on the NH 2 (Grand Trunk Road). The people of this region primarily speak Magahi and Hindi. The district is home to myriad[clarification needed] tourist attractions. Temples, historical places and Islamic pilgrimage centers are located in the district while excellent[clarification needed] connectivity via road and efficient means of local transport have boosted tourism. As a result, the number of tourists visiting the place has increased considerably.[clarification needed] Touring around the district will be a pleasant experience from October to March, which is considered[by whom?] the best time to visit Aurangabad. It is situated west of Bodh Gaya at a distance of about 70 kilometres (43 mi) and 140 kilometres (87 mi) from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Some of the well-known residential areas of Aurangabad are Block colony, Shri Krishna nagar, Club Road, New Area, Karma Road, Naga Bigha,sahpur. The District Court and District Magistrate Office are located close to Ramesh Chowk. Club Road is home to the town hall, district jail, social club while Karma Road houses the headquarters of the district electricity department, police center and forest department.he history of Aurangabad is a part of history of the ancient Magadh which included the undivided district of Patna and Gaya. This city is Very Well connected to the Mauryans,Guptas & also Gahadavalas Locally spelled as Gadhwal,Gaharwal or Gaharwar Rajput Dynasty of Suryavanshi lineage. Third -fourth of Indias early history is the history of Magadh and the area which forms the present district of Aurangabad was a sharer of this glory. Although it was a part of the Mahajanpad of Magadh, yet it had its distinct racial and cultural character. Forming part of the first vast territorial empire of Magadh, it has the distinction of being ruled by Bimbisara and Ajatsatru and later on by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka. The river Sone has been accepted by the authorities as having been western boundary of the Magadh empire.

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