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About Banda

Banda which was a royal family of Bundelkhand and one of the biggest jagirdars of1920's and 1930's, heir to which is now Mrs Amita Bajpai her son Akshay bajpayee great grandson of Rai Bahadur Awasthi is the Prince of Banda. Nearly 75% of Banda belonged to Rai Bahadur Pt Mannulal Awasthi up to 1947 and 10% to the nawab of Banda under British India....

Banda is in UP EAST telecom region.

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Providers with 4G coverage in BANDA :

Idea, Vodafone

Providers with 3G coverage in BANDA :

Idea, Vodafone

Mobile recharge and Datacard dealers near Banda

Name Address
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Ashu Mobile Tindwari, Banda-210128 Phone Num : 7860249670
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_KISAN MOBIAL Tendura-210203 Phone Num : 8726805142
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_SHASHI MOBILE Singhpur Mafi-210203 Phone Num : 7309151282
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_BAJPAI KIRANA SHIV -210121 Phone Num : 7309257182
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Budraj Telecom Sarainya, Karwi-210209 Phone Num : 8418992866
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_SANGAM MOBIAL RANIPUR BANDA-210203 Phone Num : 7309044821
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_PURAN MOBIAL PUNAHUR-210203 Phone Num : 9506055343
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_RN Mobile Patwan, Banda-210121 Phone Num : 7309168286
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Mohan Mobile Pailani,Banda-210001 Phone Num : 8933032931
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Babloo Kirana Naraini Road, Pachokar-210129 Phone Num : 7309258782
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_B.K.Mobile Pachnehi, Banda-210001 Phone Num : 7309646606
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Anil Kirana Store Baniya Talab, Nauhai-210129 Phone Num : 8577945823
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Diya Mobile Center Atarrah Road, Naraini-210129 Phone Num : 9506050568
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Praveen Mobile Shop Mohaddinpur Banda-242401 Phone Num : 9506473162
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Rewari Bandanpur Milkipu Milkipur faizabad-224001 Phone Num : 7309314694
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_RK MOBILE Kanpur By Pass Road, Mawai, Banda-210001 Phone Num : 9598345729
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Shyam Mobile Near Co Operative Bannk, Mau, Karwi-210209 Phone Num : 9889562680
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Adarsh Online Center Marka, Banda-210121 Phone Num : 9506136785
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_Raj Mobile Mahokhar, Banda-210001 Phone Num : 8576052455
Idea 4G SIM Upgrade Point_RITESH MOBIAL KILLU KHERA BANDA-210203 Phone Num : 8933820973