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About Bayad

The Bayad are a Muslim community found in the state of Gujarat in India.The community get their name from the village of Bayad in Aravalli District, and are Rajput converts to Islam. According to their traditions, they accompanied a Rajput prince as he re-established his control over the Dantha state. They originated in Kakiani in Rajasthan, and said to have converted to Islam some five hundred years ago. They are now found mainly in the town of Anjar, with a small number are found in Bhuj. At the partition of India in 1947, a large portion of the tribe moved to Pakistan, and are settled in the districts of Sanghar and Badin.The Bayad are an endogamous community, but their some cases of intermarriage with neighbouring Samma communities. There traditional occupation was military services in the princely state of Kutch, with agriculture being their secondary occupation. Most are now small and medium-sized farmers, with the selling of milk being secondary occupation. The community has a caste association, the Bayad Jamat based in the town of Anjar, and its main function is the general welfare of the community. They are Sunni Muslims, and their customs are similar to neighbouring Muslim communities such as the Halaypotra.Presently in 2015 The Youth of Bayad Jamat is running a Cricket Club called Bayad Cricket Club. There are more than 35 Player playing a 30 over cricket match on every sunday. Contrast to other cricket club as they all are playing 12 or 10 over matches every week.

Bayad is in Gujarat telecom region.

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