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About Beohari

Beohari is a town and a nagar panchayat in Shahdol district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.It has been blessed with green forest, minerals and primitive tribal population. It is 79.07km far from its District Main City Shahdol. It is 412km far from its State Main City Bhopal. The name Beohari stems from the title-prefix Beohar and signifies the fact that the town was founded by a member of the Beohar-dynasty. The Beohars were Rani Durgavati's prime-ministers and knight-commanders who were also Jagirdars of Jabalpur and their descendants continue to thrive there. The most notable of the Beohars was Sardar-Beohar Adhar Simha who represented the Gond-kingdom in Emperor Akbar's court, and the last Jagirdar of Jabalpur was Beohar Raghuvir Sinha. Different members of the Beohar lineage founded different Beohari which are scattered in the Mahakoshal region of Madhya Pradesh. Albeit, it is not clear which member of this Beohar lineage founded Shahdol's Beohari....

Beohari is in Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh telecom region.

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