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**** UPDATED:  We’ve updated our previous analysis with new plans as of Feb 2012, to give you a better idea on the recent mobile spend trends ****

A subscriber’s  monthly mobile spend for 3g services has changed much since it was first launched, with new tariff plans and increased data usage capacity by the users. We’ve come up with a revised analysis taking into account the changing scenario in the 3g mobile spend. The comparison is based on TRAI average voice calls (400 minutes)+ 100 SMS+ 3G data usage at 250MB,500MB, 1GB and 2GB. We’ve kept the minutes of usage and SMS as constant,varying the data usage in MB to arrive at the cost pattern for best plan’s in terms of lowest cost.

What do the results mean, read on

From the graph, we understand that 250MB data costs you between Rs.300 to 500. But, as we scale up the data usage capacity, BSNL’s 3g plans costs the lowest with Rs.395 for both, 1GB and 2GB. Vodafone and Airtel plans costs the highest, at 1GB and 2GB. Airtel and Aircel are in for a close tie in their 3g plan costs falling in the range Rs.300 to 900 while Idea starts out with cheapest plans at 250MB and then takes a steep rise in cost at 1 GB and above.  Its evident from the trend that all the operators have fixed cost till 1GB data usage after which the mobile spend trend shoots up. So, choose your plans wisely and to best suit your individual needs.

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Chennai, the desired forte for Indian giant Telco’s like Airtel, Aircel, BSNL and Vodafone has already awakened to the service call for highend consumers, craving for the 3G ultimatum. With each service provider teaming to create a niche in the 5th highest bidding environment in the country of a whopping 1464.94 cr, the plans seem quite competitive to each other.

As for our earlier blog post on analysis of 3g plans in Bangalore, based on the TRAI’s data of average Indian subscriber usage pattern of 611 minutes of calling1 and 97 SMS1 and varying data, we have done a study, along similar lines, on prepaid plans in Chennai using our mobile plan our comparator engine. The results showed no clear winner with each tariff gradient across different data usage levels.

The comparison was based on TRAI’s data of minutes of calling and SMS constant across different value of data usage patterns in MB. The graph shows the minimum monthly cost that a consumer would have to pay for the above-usage across all 3G operators in Chennai.

The results show that BSNL tariff is more lucrative and awarding to the consumer across high and low data patterns. Bharti Airtel is gradual at the minimal data usage up to 750 MB and then it proves worthier than its peers. Aircel is of average rate among its competitors at a minimal data usage up to 500 MB and then its rate surges upward with high data usage. Vodafone users have to shell out more money than the others because its cost range is high among all data plans.

Let’s divulge into the cost concerning only data usage disregarding TRAI’s data of minutes of calling and SMS usage, the different data usage patterns was fed into the comparator engine to get the best prepaid data plan sorted. The result is shown with the following graph which is quite different to the earlier graph.

The result reveals that all the players start at more or less same price point except for BSNL which is costlier at 100 MB but its price stand out lower with higher margins of data usage. Airtel on the other hand has its plans laid safe which increase rapidly at the lower data band and it sweeps to lower price. Aircel is quite low at the start with less data and then its price increases astonishingly when it exceeds 1 GB. Vodafone is quite in the grasp at lower data access but Vodafone offers some relief at higher data usage where price is constant upto 3GB.

The catch in the plans is that they are profitable to the consumer within a defined data usage plans upto which they have free access. For instance, Airtel charges 600 for 600 MB but when it exceeds that prescribed limit the overage charges are based on each KB of additional usage. The overage charges for each operator is Airtel 30p/20kb, Vodafone 10p/10kb, BSNL 1p/10kb, Aircel 1.5p/10kb. These can drive up the bill once data exceeds the free limit.

Well the plans and the cost of each provider are very closely knit and indeed confuses the consumer who is hell bent on saving his penny, so its where the komparify can aid you in searching for the best plan that suits you and saves your pocket Search for the best plans … now..

Stay komparify!

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