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How cheap are the Reliance Jio Tariffs Anyway?

On September 1st an Earthquake with epicentre in Mumbai in the st

2nd September 2016  •  by

The All New Planhound

Today we release the new version of Planhound. We have been working on this for a long

12th October 2015  •  by

Festive Offers on DTH – Only on

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3rd October 2014  •  by

Introducing DTH Provider Compare

We introduced a nifty new feature to make it easy to choose the right DTH Operator. Introducing DTH

7th June 2014  •  by

Introducing our Android App – Plan Hound

Its on the Android Market : [](h

29th July 2011  •  by

Shocked by your mobile bill?

Recently, we have been notified of multiple incidents where mobile users were shocked to receive an

27th July 2011  •  by

Is 3G expensive? Some Mythbusting

The general consensus among many Indian users is that 3G is expensive. They compare 3G rates to 2G r

8th June 2011  •  by

An Analysis of 3G plans in Delhi

**** UPDATED:  We’ve updated our previous analysis with ne

25th May 2011  •  by

An analysis of 3G plans in Mumbai

**** UPDATED:  We’ve updated our previous analysis with ne

12th May 2011  •  by

Introduction to Komparify … Part 2

Our previous post told you about what we are trying to do. This post covers how to use our website.

3rd February 2011  •  by