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Have those of you living in a metro circle ever wondered how does your postpaid bill compare to those using another operator in another city? Or do you want a comparison with those living within the city itself? This blog post is for you then.

This post contains data analysis of the different postpaid plans, which are the cheapest and most popularly availed plans offered by the different operators within your metro city ( Chennai , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Delhi , Kolkata).

Using the komparify search engine , we were able to identify these packs and plot them in a graph for your convenience.

Data Only

The analysis below is based on data usage measured at 500MB,1GB,4GB,10GB and 20GB. It also includes those users who talk for a minimum of a 159 minutes a day and use 57 SMS per day.( According to the TRAI average used in the previous post)

When it comes to postpaid plans in Chennai, we can see that Jio is clear winner by far when it comes to the big data usage. It has more competition however when it comes to the lower data usage plans. With the entry level plans Idea and Vodafone users have to pay the least, whereas Jio is a tad bit more expensive. Airtel users however, have to shell out atleast 1% or Rs.100 more than the average users. At 20GB usage , Jio has no competition and is easily the cheapest plan available.

Source data :

Chennai Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 446.08 343.85 343.85
1GB 345 560.97 573.85 401.35
4GB 573.85 1020.97 1148.85 688.85
10GB 1148.85 1423.47 2125.2 1838.85
20GB 1723.85 2573.47 4137.7 4311.35

In Mumbai , however Idea is again the cheapest pack at the entry level by a small margin.Vodafone however boosted its entry level price by 1.5% making it the most expensive.For the rest of the packs Vodafone is the most expensive and Jio is the cheapest by a landslide for large data users.When you come to the 20GB data range, Idea and Vodafone increased their prices by 1.45% and 2%, making it extremely expensive. In comparison to Jio they are 4.7% and 3.7% more expensive!

Source Data :

Mumbai Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 445.97 445.97 445.97
1GB 345 560.97 528.77 458.85
4GB 573.85 1020.97 1103.77 992.57
10GB 1148.85 1423.47 2080.12 1741.1
20GB 1723.85 2573.47 8221.35 6377.44

Rejoice Vodafone users! You are no longer the costliest operator! Those honours are claimed by Airtel when it comes to the Delhi/NCR region. Idea and Vodafone give Jio some competition again for the entry level packs. Jio faces competition from Airtel when it comes to the heavy data usage(20GB). Airtel is just 1.5% more costlier. Vodafone is however the most expensive again(sorry Vodafone users!), its price being 4% more than that of Jio’s!!

Source data :

Delhi Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 450.8 410.44 418.6
1GB 345 565.8 525.43 516.35
4GB 573.85 1025.8 1215.43 1091.35
10GB 1148.85 1428.3 2076.78 1952.7
20GB 1723.85 2578.3 7012.7 4426.35

In Hyderabad, Vodafone is cheaper than Jio by 0.9% making it the cheapest entry level pack! At the 1GB range again it is relatively cheaper than Airtel and Idea. Jio, unsurprisingly is the cheapest here onwards. At the 4GB,10GB and 20GB level, if Idea were to offer a plan, it would be extremely expensive being 25%, 36% and a HUGE 51% more costly than Jio!!

Source data :

Hyderabad Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 445.97 320.27 573.85
1GB 345 560.97 492.77 573.85
4GB 573.85 1020.97 1096.3 14373.85
10GB 1148.85 1423.47 2241.35 41973.85
20GB 1723.85 2573.47 6036.35 87973.85

Idea manages to dethrone Jio for the 500MB pack in Karnataka being cheaper by just 0.9%. Jio faces close competition at 500MB and 1GB. Idea users, brace yourselves. At 20GB Idea plans cost almost 7% more than Jio, with Vodafone being cheaper by a mile! Now that’s some food for thought.

Data source :

Karnataka Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 401.24 388.41 343.85
1GB 345 516.24 503.41 458.85
4GB 573.85 976.24 1078.41 1116.65
10GB 1148.85 1378.73 2054.76 1691.65
20GB 1723.85 2528.74 7012.7 13191.65

In the Kolkata circle Idea once again manages to be the cheapest, costing 0.6% lesser than Jio.It’s smooth sailing for Jio as usual from the 4GB pack, where there’s very little competition .At the 10GB data range, Jio faces close competition, however it’s still considerably cheaper.This time, Vodafone’s prices go up drastically, costing 6.4% more than Jio.

Source Data :

Kolkata Postpaid Avg Monthly Price(Rs) Reliance Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea
500MB 345 445.86 401.35 228.85
1GB 345 560.86 516.35 343.85
4GB 573.85 1020.86 1757.78 1032.7
10GB 1148.85 1423.36 5346.35 1630.7
20GB 1723.85 2573.76 11096.35 4685.1

Jio has undoubtably, caused a stir in the telecom market with such low prices. Other Service providers will have to respond not only in the hopes of gaining new customers but to keep a hold of their existing customers.

Also, users who make use of heavier calls and data will use their phones with much more freedom, and the internet will become a routine part of their lives.

Hopefully, the information in this post will be of some use to you! Also if you find any errors in the analysis please feel free to correct us.