Tablet computers are being introduced everyday in the market. There are so many tablets such as the famous Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. Since these are portable tablets people would like to buy a 3G connection or similar for internet access anywhere.

There are many ways to get a 3G internet connection on your tablets

Tablet Plans: Tablet specific 3G plans are offered by some Indian Operators like BSNL and Reliance. These plans and the SIM card can be used only in the tablet and not with other devices like mobiles, wifi routers etc. Tablets plans can have much better data usage offers and does not include sms packs or voice call packs. To search for Tablet plans you can go to Tablet search engine and enter the required details and click search. The search will generate results according to your requirements and you can choose the best tablet plans according to your needs.

Mobile Plans: If you have a 3G SIM card, and dont want to buy one specifically for your tablet, then all you have to do is transfer the SIM card from your mobile and into your tablet to connect to the internet. Mobile plans also have have data usage offers along with the voice and SMS packs, which can be used on your mobile. Almost all Indian operators provide mobile plans. But you may have to check with your operator if you are allowed to use your mobile data pack on your tablet. You can check for the mobile plans by clicking on the mobile plan search engine and entering the required details.

Wifi/MyFi: Some tablets also come with WiFi option like the iPad WiFi. You dont need a SIM card to connect to the internet, just a WiFi hotspot. You can access a WiFi hotspot either by having a WiFi router in your house or by making your phone into a WiFi hotspot. To know how to convert your phone into a WiFi Hotspot click here.

Now most tablets come with the regular sized SIM cards which all mobile phones use. But in the case of the iPad, it uses a Micro SIM Card. Some operators like BSNL and Reliance provide Micro SIM card for Tablets or iPads. For others you may have to resort to cutting the sim. To know how to convert a mini sim into a micro sim, click here

By using any of the above options, you can get 3G connection on your tablet.
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