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Today we release the new version of Planhound. We have been working on this for a long time. And we are really proud of what we have come up with. Of course since we believe in incremental pushes you might have already seen some parts in action. But now is a good time to explain all of it together. We believe when you put all these pieces today, you get MAGIC!

So what is in Planhound 2 you ask? Let me explain it with a few GIF’s

Planhound 2

There are 5 main features on the new Planhound, They are :

  • Automatic Connection Detection with Live Balances

  • Better Visualization
  • Dual Sim Talktime Balance and Data Balance Support

  • Notifications and payment alerts just at the right time !

  • Pay using Ola Money and a variety of wallets

Automatic Connection Detection

The centerpiece of the new planhound is the new connection screen. We realized that our users have a variety of connections ranging from multiple mobile sims, to a datacard or DSL at home and a DTH connection. Each of this has different balances and different deadlines and it is very difficult to stay on top of whose balance is over and whose data limit is over. So we do all the hard work for you. We automatically detect the connections you own from the information in your phones and  bring them together in one screen. If you install planhound in multiple phones with the same login, we unite them and show all connections in every phone. We automatically detect the recent recharges or bill payments you have done on that connection and also detect the last updated balance on each connection. So you have one view to manage all your connection. And to make it really easy we use the address book to find whose number it is!

Better Visualization

We have charts and graphs to show you exactly how you are using your phone. How many calls you make and when you are making them. You can not just see your usage over the last week, but the last month and over any custom date range. We also give you a small report at 10PM every day on exactly how you are using your phone. We will be pushing out updates over the next two weeks with even more detailed analytics like the local / std split of your calls and SMS and daily usage splits.

Live Talktime and Data Balance

Operators send prepaid users the balance and data balance all the time through USSD. However they interrupt you at the worst possible time. Planhound reads those messages to give you live balance and data balance information and also knows how much data is left and how much talktime is left. What more it works for dual sim phones as well! So now you know how much talktime is left, how much data is left and when your pack expires in one glance.


Alerts at Just the Right Time

Using the information we have, we are able to bring alerts to you at just the right time! We have the best plan database across all the operators in the market. Using this information we are able to tell you when the talktime balance is low, when your postpaid bills are due, when data balance is low and when the pack you recharged for is about to expire. What more we make it easy for you to complete the transaction on the web or the app.

Take a 1GB data pack which has a validity of 30 days. Either you run out of data or you exhaust the validity. Planhound is able to detect both automatically and tell you at the right time for a recharge. Not just that we are able to tell you what you *should* recharge for across both your sims with our plan recommendation engine.

Pay using Ola Money

We are also announcing today a partnership with Ola Money. So you can use the cash you have saved for cabs to also do recharges and bill payments. Ola money provides a dead smooth native payment experience which would ensure your transactions are done in a jiffy. So now there are more reasons to keep balance in your Ola money wallet!

The Sum is Greater than the Parts

We are really proud of planhound 2, It is a super experience which we think you will enjoy. More importantly we think when you bring all these components together, it makes for a truly magical app. So what are you waiting for? Download the new planhound and tell all your friends to download it too!

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