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In the present age of electronics, computers and other gadgets like smartphones have made communications and maintaining records very simple and has made our lives easier. But in spite of the convenience, one cannot forget the good old times when things were different. While in school we learned from books related to our subjects or in the office we maintained records through ledgers and books. Not only that, we used to read a lot of books on different topics which made us more knowledgeable as well as improved our vocabulary.

In this scenario giving a loved one a book as a gift seems apt. Though easily said it might not be as simple as it depends on the choice and preference of the receiver and you should be well aware of their tastes. Why take a chance? You may give them an E Gift card which will give them the freedom to choose what they want which will make both of you happy. The same principle applies when you want to help/support a loved one, friend, or colleague when they start a new enterprise by gifting stationeries through e gift cards. Things are made simpler for you with the list we have given.

Flipkart E-Gift Card

If you are planning to give a gift that can fulfill your loved one’s heart desire then Flipkart e-gift cards are your best bet. Flipkart offers a wide range of products ranging from apparel, foods, mobile, electronics, entertainment, grocery, magazine, travel, grocery, books, stationery, and home needs from various brands. With Flipkart’s e-gift card, give the best gift in a hassle-free way.

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William Penn E-Gift Card

Reading and writing are important for gaining knowledge, If your loved one has a quest for knowledge, the gift that will help them in that path should be an ideal one. William Penn is one of the premium stores that specialize in stationery, exceptional & unique pens, and men’s accessories. With William Penn, e-gift cards give your loved one the power to choose the item they want.

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Crossword E-Gift Card

Wondering about how you can congratulate your loved one who is an avid reader for their recent achievement? How about a Crossword e-gift card?. Crossword is a knowledge hub that offers a wide range of books, Movies, Music, Toys, Stationery, Magazines, and CD ROM’s. Crossword products are both entertaining and enlightening for adults as well as children. So add some fun and entertainment to your loved ones’ life with a Crossword e-gift card.

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Starmark E-Gift Card

Books make the best presents for any occasion. If you want to give an exciting as well as thoughtful gift StarMark e-gift card is the best option. StarMark is a bookhouse that has books of various genres to choose from, right from history to pulp fiction you name it they have it. StarMark caters to all age groups, be it devotional books for your grandmas or interesting children books for the kids at home. Gift your loved ones with StarMark e-gift cards.

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Landmark E-Gift Card

Landmark is a trending destination for gaming, books, toys, technology, and stationery. Books can ease any situation to an extent hence landmark e-gift cards are the best gifts for your loved one when they are down. Show your loved one that you truly care about him/her with a Landmark e-gift card. Enjoy the smile on your dear one’s face when they know they can choose a gift to cope with the current situation.

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