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Pizzas and Burgers have arrived at our part of the world and have been well accepted and come to stay. They are a convenient food and easy and less messy as quick lunch or dinner. It can also be served on occasions like birthdays or any get-together. The affordable prices and the unique taste make them a favorite not only among youngsters
but also among other age groups.

Why not consider making a gift of a lovely treat of pizza or burger to near and dear ones, colleagues, or friends during their birthday or any special occasion so that they can go out with their friends and celebrate. We are sure there will be a lot of appreciation and love towards you for the considerate gift.

Dominos Pizza E-Gift Card

If your friend or your family member is a pizza lover, then giving a gift for them is an easy affair. Give them a Dominos pizza e-gift card and give them an opportunity to delve into their favorite pizza on their special day. Dominos’s superior quality Pizza in different flavors and with mouth-watering sides will surely excite your loved one. A happy stomach means a happy heart, go ahead and make them happy with a Dominos Pizza e-gift card.

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Oven Story E-Gift Card

Oven Story is one of the largest home-grown Pizza brands which serves delicious pizzas with different types of cheese. Food is a means to one’s heart and also having your favorite food is a form of celebration. So help your family member or loved one celebrate life with some good food. Give them an Oven Story e-gift card and see a smile of satisfaction on their face while tasting some great pizzas.

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Pizza Hut E-Gift Card

Pizza Hut is a famous Italian – American cuisine offering great pizzas, sides, and desserts. They specialize in delicious pizzas and indulgent desserts that serve as a treat. Give your loved one a cheese-filled treat with Pizza Hut e-gift cards. With Pizza Hut e-gift cards your loved ones will enjoy their signature pizzas and will savor your love with each bite.

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TGI Friday E-Gift Card

TGI Friday’s, an American restaurant chain, is known for its casual dining internationally and in India. From burgers to steak and beer to mixed drinks, you don’t have to wait till Friday to relish the exquisite ambiance, food, and drinks. With TGI Friday e-gift cards give your loved one a unique and exciting food experience.

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The Beer Cafe E-Gift Card

Show appreciation for your friend/relative’s achievement with some gifts that excite him. Wondering what would be an ideal gift for them that can thrill them? How about The Beer Cafe e-gift card? The Beer Cafe e-gift card will help them drink their preferred pint under the right roof. If their busy schedule does not allow them to take a break, The Beer Cafe e-gift card allows them to hang out with their friends for some explosive beer flavors accompanied by a delightful menu if they plan to eat something with it.

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