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The basic need for any individual is food, clothing, and abode. This is a universal truth and everything else only comes next. Out of the three clothing or the apparel we wear sets us apart as individuals. The way of dressing and the footwear we use differs from country to country. Our choice is ever-changing as the fashion trends are subject to quick changes. In spite of the downtrend in the present economic situation the clothing industry holds its own and contributes to the economic growth.

A well-dressed person attired in good taste and style is immediately noticed by others and commands respect and admiration not only in our country but globally. It is also essential that day to day wear is available at affordable costs without compromising on quality. It is, therefore, one of the top items which can be given to near and dear ones as gifts during important occasions or just to show them how much you love them. Since apparel and footwear are available in plenty to suit each individual making a choice for others is always tricky. By giving them a gift card you give them the freedom to choose what they like. Do not hesitate, feel free to go through the list given below to choose the type of gift card you would like to give them.

Bata E-Gift Card

Thinking of a simple and elegant gift that gets noticed easily, footwear is the right choice. Interestingly footwear is the first thing we notice in a stranger subconsciously. So if you want your friends and family to make a good impression on the people they meet give them a Bata e-gift card. When it comes to footwear Bata is the best. They offer incomparable high-quality shoes at affordable prices. Bata has designed products that are long-lasting, some of Bata’s products include formal to daily wear slippers and shoes for both men and women. Gift happiness and recognition with Bata e-gift cards and it’s also easy on your pocket.

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IZOD E-Gift Card

Holi is all about coming together with the family and setting aside all differences. While meeting your family it’s always a sweet gesture to greet them with nice gifts. So if you are wondering what gift you can give the members of your family, how about giving them some nice dresses. While gifting a dress for someone we can never be sure if they would like so it’s best to give them an e-gift card so that they can choose their favorite dress. IZOD is one of the leading brands that offer exciting fashion apparel with bold and colorful designs. By giving an IZOD e-gift card to your loved ones you make their day more colorful.

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Pavers England E-Gift Card

Pavers England, a pioneer in leather goods specializes in a premium range of footwear and handbags for both men and women. Their beautifully crafted designs have something for everyone. Right from festive wear to casual wear, their wide range of collections has the right product for every occasion. With Pavers England e-gift card allow your loved ones to pick the footwear/ handbag of their choice and flaunt their style statement. They will surely appreciate your gift when others compliment them.

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Westside E-Gift Card

What can be a better gift than a piece of clothing? Every occasion demands a new dress. Let your loved ones indulge in shopping for a new dress by giving them a Westside e-gift card. Westside offers an expansive range of apparel for men, women, and children so that it covers everyone’s needs. If your loved one decides against buying a new dress that’s not an issue westside has various other products such as shoes, bags, and home furnishing products. So by giving a westside e-gift card you will definitely score.

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Vero Moda E-Gift Card

Vero Moda is a premium clothing brand offering a trendy and unique collection of dresses for liberated women. Vero Moda has a myriad of apparel options that includes tops, trousers, t-shirts, and accessories. With Vero Moda e-gift card give your loved one a chance to choose their favorite apparel and accessories.

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