If you have a 3G phone, you can use it as a wifi hotspot by connecting your notebook or Laptop, Tablet Computer or any other Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet. There are different ways to convert your phone into Wifi Hotspot.

iPhone: Most phone come with inbuilt wifi settings like in the iPhone 4 and above.

With iphone 3g connection you can use it as an Internet source for other devices by hooking up your tablet, PC, phone etc. Below are the steps to turn your iPhone into your personal hotspot. - Open “Settings” in iphone - Go to “General”, Select “Network” - switch Cellular Data to “ON” - Tap on “Personal Hotspot”, and switch it “ON”

To connect to the iPhone WiFi hotpspot, simply search for the phone from your other WiFi device, follow the authorization steps like entering a password and connect.

WiFi Hotspots can also be created with other phones. These phones may or may not have inbuilt WiFi settings but can be used via an application

Nokia/Sony Ericsson: You can make your phone into a Wifi hotspot by using some wifi applications that allow your phone to be converted into a wifi router. The most famous WiFi application is Joikuspot which supports Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. There are two types, Joikuspot light which is a free version and the Joikuspot Premium where you have to pay for certain services.

Joikuspot can be downloaded from the joikuspot site and installed on your phone which automatically converts your phone into a WiFi hotspot. All you have to do is download the Joikuspot app and install it on your Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone. You can also check if your phone is compatible for the Joikuspot app by clicking here

Below are the steps to activate WiFi hotspot with Joikuspot app.

-To start WiFi hotspot on your phone, click on the Joikuspot icon in your application folder and open the application.
-On the first page of the application, select options to set the internet settings.
-In settings enter the name of your wifi hotspot, Access point name etc.
-After saving your settings, select BACK and click on START to activate WiFi hotspot. It will ask you to choose the access point, after which your mobile will start the WiFi hotspot. After all this you can connect to the internet.

There are also other ways to connect to the internet like Turning your laptop into a WiFi Hotspot, bluetooth or by using WiFi routers like MiFi or WiFi devices etc to connect to the internet.

By using the above techniques you can convert your phone into a WIFI Hotspot. Happy Tethering!


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