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You Broadband Set up in 2001 by British Gas as Iqara Broadband. YOU Broadband is a category A ISP and Indias first ISO accredited broadband service provider. The company also has IP-1 Registration No.39/2001 dated 1st May, 2001 from DOT Govt. of India in the name of YOU Broadband India Limited.Being a leading independent ISPs in India, YOU Broadband offers high speed Internet and voice services through variothem state-of-the-art delivery platforms to residential, SME and corporate cthemtomers in 14 cities. As a part of its growth plans, YOU Broadband is rapidly expanding its presence in other cities across the country.

Best You Broadband Navsari Internet Plan is Unlimited Plan 649. Price: ₹ 649 Broadband Data: Unlimited. Additional Installation charges applicable. Speed: 10 Mbps. Broadband Plans of You Broadband in Navsari

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You broadband Speeds Across Different Cities





Average Speed7.86 Mbps
Max Speed27.87 Mbps



Average Speed2.15 Mbps
Max Speed0.0 Mbps



Average Speed18.25 Mbps
Max Speed45.45 Mbps



Average Speed12.35 Mbps
Max Speed42.39 Mbps



Average Speed8.96 Mbps
Max Speed45.71 Mbps



Average Speed10.57 Mbps
Max Speed14.68 Mbps



Average Speed13.79 Mbps
Max Speed92.0 Mbps



Average Speed16.35 Mbps
Max Speed56.27 Mbps



Average Speed11.81 Mbps
Max Speed43.59 Mbps



Average Speed2.45 Mbps
Max Speed0.0 Mbps



Average Speed18.69 Mbps
Max Speed0.0 Mbps



Average Speed9.09 Mbps
Max Speed10.22 Mbps



Average Speed5.12 Mbps
Max Speed12.38 Mbps



Average Speed5.52 Mbps
Max Speed14.15 Mbps



Average Speed12.54 Mbps
Max Speed45.29 Mbps



Average Speed2.44 Mbps
Max Speed2.44 Mbps



Average Speed14.56 Mbps
Max Speed14.56 Mbps



Average Speed1.46 Mbps
Max Speed1.46 Mbps



Average Speed23.22 Mbps
Max Speed23.22 Mbps



Average Speed7.41 Mbps
Max Speed7.41 Mbps



Average Speed6.33 Mbps
Max Speed6.33 Mbps

Reviews & Ratings of You Broadband

You Broadband

Signal 2/5
Speed 2/5
Service 1/5

About Navsari

Navsari (Gujarati: નવસારી) is a city and municipality in the Surat Metropolitan Region and also the administrative headquarters Navsari District of Gujarat, India. Navsari is also the Twin City of Surat, and only 37 km south of Surat. Navsari is located at 20°57′N 72°56′E / 20.95°N 72.93°E / 20.95; 72.93. It has an average elevation of 9m (29') above sea level. The city is located in southern Gujarat and is situated near the Purna River, within a few kilometres of the river's delta, which is west of the city and empties into the Gulf of Khambhat. Weather in Navsari is sunny from September to May, rainy from June to August. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 40 °C (104 °F) and 18 °C (64 °F) respectively. The average annual rainfall is 122 cm (48 in). The soil of the region is black. There are two lakes in the city: Dudhiya Talav (Talāv means Lake in Gujarati), and Sharbatiya Talav. The city's first settlers were Parsi Zoroastrians. According to the 2001 census, Navsari...