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Cherrinet Broadband Speed and Data themage limit subject to Cherrinets Fair Themage Policy. Installation charges and taxes extra as applicable. Quick pay. Inquiry. Cthemtomer Service.Rs.1499 per month : 100 Mbps speed upto 125 GB and unlimited themage at 1 Mbps afterwords. CHERRINET Plans In Chennai

Best Cherrinet Broadband Pondicherry Internet Plan is K LITE Plan 799. Price: ₹ 799 Post FUP Speed: 512 Kbps. Broadband Data: 80 GB. Unlimited Broadband Data. SUN NXT Subscription FREE.GST Applicable. Speed: 50 Mbps. Broadband Plans of Cherrinet Broadband in Pondicherry

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50MbpsUpdated @ 06-09-2018
K LITE Plan 799
80  GB


Validity :1 month

Post FUP Speed: 512 Kbps. Broadband Data: 80 GB. Unlimited Broadband Data. SUN NXT Subscription FREE.GST Applicable.

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Cherrinet broadband Speeds Across Different Cities





Average Speed22.95 Mbps
Max Speed125.69 Mbps



Average Speed20.85 Mbps
Max Speed57.37 Mbps



Average Speed16.4 Mbps
Max Speed16.4 Mbps



Average Speed4.83 Mbps
Max Speed4.83 Mbps



Average Speed5.46 Mbps
Max Speed7.33 Mbps



Average Speed23.96 Mbps
Max Speed47.23 Mbps



Average Speed9.0 Mbps
Max Speed9.0 Mbps



Average Speed13.74 Mbps
Max Speed13.74 Mbps

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Cherrinet Broadband

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About Pondicherry

Puducherry formerly,  Pondicherry (help·info) (Tamil: புதுச்சேரி, Telugu: పాండిచేరి, Malayalam: പോണ്ടിചെര്രി), is a Union Territory of India. It is a former French colony, consisting of four non-contiguous enclaves, or districts, and named for the largest, Pondicherry. In September 2006, the territory changed its official name from Pondicherry to Puducherry, which means "New village" in the Tamil language. The territory is called புதுச்சேரி (Putuccēri) or பாண்டிச்சேரி (Pāṇṭiccēri) in Tamil, or Pondichéry in French. It is also known as "The French Riviera of the East" (La Côte d'Azur de l'Est). Pondicherry consists of four small unconnected districts: Pondicherry, Karaikal and Yanam on the Bay of Bengal and Mahé on the Arabian Sea. Pondicherry and Karaikal are by far the larger ones and are both enclaves of Tamil Nadu. Yanam and Mahé are enclaves of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala respectively. The territory has a total area of 492 km²: Pondicherry (city) 293 km², Karaikal 160 km², Mahé 9...