Abid (عابد ), also Abed, literally meaning worshipper, adorer, devout may be either a surname or given name.In the Russian language, (Abid), or its form (Avid), is an old and uncommon male given name. Included into various, often handwritten, church calendars throughout the 17th–19th centuries, it was omitted from the official Synodal Menologium at the end of the 19th century. Its origins are either Arabic (where it means desired) or Aramaic (where it means work, labor). The diminutive of Avid is Avidka (). The patronymics derived from Avid are (Avidovich; masculine) and (Avidovna; feminine). As a surname, in the form Al-Abid ( العابد ) and its variants, it is shared by the following people:As a surname:As a given name or colloquial name, it is shared by the following people:

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