Allan Havey


Born: St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Allan Havey (born September 19, 1954) is an American stand-up comic and actor. He started his career as a comedian in New York City in 1981. He made his national debut in 1986 on Late Night with David Letterman and made many appearances on the show throughout the 1980s and 1990s. His latest appearance on the show was on October 8, 2010. When Letterman left NBC for CBS after not being chosen to replace Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show, Havey was one of several comedians considered by NBC to replace Letterman.In November 1989, he was chosen by HBO Downtown Productions to host a show on The Comedy Channel (later known as Comedy Central). The show, Night After Night with Allan Havey, which initially ran for three hours nightly, presented Allans unique stream of consciousness, celebrity interviews, news and film clips (with commentary), and unusual on location scenarios. Havey often recounted stories from his life, sometimes apocryphal or tongue in cheek, sometimes very real, in tandem with his breaking the fourth wall via riffing with those behind the camera, such as producer Sue Fellows or head writer Eddie Gorodetsky. Night After Night became a cult classic among fans. The show also featured the sketch Audience of One, a Viewer Mail segment, Dave the Weatherman, and announcer Nick Bakay, who left in 1992, to perform the same role on The Dennis Miller Show. Night After Night ran for three years.Haveys film roles include Internal Affairs, Checking Out, Rounders, Hancock, Jerry Seinfelds documentary Comedian, and Steven Soderbergs The Informant! On television, Haveys comedy was featured twice on HBOs One Night Stand; both appearances were nominated for CableACE Awards. As a television actor, Havey has guest starred on Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Punkd, and The Sarah Silverman Program. In 2006, Havey was cast as a lead in the Fox sitcom Free Ride, where he played Bob Stahlings, father of the main character Nate Stahlings. In 2012, he appeared on Ray Romanos Men of a Certain Age, in Disneys Good Luck Charlie and FXs Louie. In 2013, he was featured on two episodes of The Office and appeared on the AMC show Mad Men. In 2015, he appeared in episodes of the Amazon Studios series The Man in the High Castle and W/ Bob and David on Netflix.Havey appeared on Ken Reids TV Guidance Counselor Podcast on April 8, 2015.

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