Craig Castaldo



Radioman (born 1951) is the nickname of a formerly homeless man in New York City who has become widely known from making over 100 cameo appearances in a number of films and TV shows.His real name has been cited as either Craig Castaldo or Craig Schwartz, although he is known as Radioman for the radio which he wears around his neck. He has made cameos in 30 Rock, The Departed, The Bourne Trilogy, Shutter Island, Just My Luck, Romance & Cigarettes, Elf, Two Weeks Notice, Glitter, Keeping the Faith, Godzilla, Ransom, Big Daddy, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Other Woman, and other films and television shows.He is famous around New York and has been written about in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out, the New York Daily News, and more. Whoopi Goldberg took him to the Oscars as her guest one of the years she hosted.A documentary film about Radioman entitled Radioman, produced by Ten Cent Adventures was released in April 2012, premiering at Torontos Hot Docs documentary film festival. Radioman was present at the screenings and participated in the Q&A sessions. He reportedly stated Robin Williams is his favorite celebrity and that Martin Scorsese is his favorite director with whom to work.

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