Deniz Ugur


Born: Istanbul, Turkey


Deniz Ugur (born October 17, 1973), is a Turkish film actress, script writer and dubbing artist.Deniz Ugur is the single child of opera singer Mete Ugur and ballerina Suna Ugur. Her grandparent Yumnu Ugur is the classmate of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the founder of Republic of Turkey. The chamberlain of Sultan Abdulhamid II; İhsan Bey is the father of her grandmother Saliha Hanım. First Miss Turkey member and Turkeys first Miss World winner Keriman Halis Ece, the famous songwriter Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi, Neveser Kökdeş, famous actress Melek Kobra, former chief of Galatasaray Sport Club; Turgan Ece, previous Ottoman governor of Egypt; Hurşid Ahmet Pasha are the members of her well-established family on the fathers side.On the mothers side; her grandparent Nadir Bayer was grown under the auspices of Sultana Naime the daughter of Sultan Abdulhamid II in Ottoman palace. By Nadir Bayers Swiss wife Hedwige Bayer, her cousin is an actor, David Bennent the Oscar winner leading actor of The Tin Drum, Anne Bennent, their mother; famous dancer Diane Mansart, her husband is a famous actor Heinz Bennent are the members of well-known European family.Her dominant origin came from the Caucasian race. She is a mother of three children named Engin Deniz, Mina Deniz and Poyraz Deniz.She graduated from Istanbul University Conservatory of Ballet Department, after taking the examinations of higher education and graduated in 1995. Before graduation, she played lead role on Görünmeyen Dostlar with Şükran Güngör and Kadriye Kenter in Kenter Theatre, and began the professional theatre career. She drew attention with French Comedy Çetin Ceviz by playing lead role with Cihan Ünal and Nevra Serezli. In 1997, at Ankara Movie Fest, owing the role in Bir Erkeğin Anatomisi she has awarded as Promising Actress.After her long break on cinema and theater, through leading with Engin Alkan on Huysuz Musical, She became a candidate on Afife Awards although without musical branch.In 2015, she was applauded by masters such as Yıldız Kenter and Haldun Dormen for her excellent leading performance on Guguk Kuşu with Oktay Kaynarca.Since the beginning of her professional career, she became a star and both the Turkish and foreign audiences remembered her with her excellent acting performances. She is also a columnist, script writer, songwriter and novel-writer in addition to her successful acting career.

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