Douglas Rye


Born: Westchester, New York, USA


Douglas Forsythe Rye (born November 6, 1950 in Westchester, New York) is an American voice actor who has done Narration for such notable companies as Bank of America, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, NBC, The Playboy Channel, Qwest, Carl's Jr. and DaimlerChrysler. Rye has been acting since he was a child, he beat out Christopher Reeve for a role in a summer production at The Lawrenceville School, during his four years there. He studied at New York University with the likes of Olympia Dukakis and Lloyd Richards, and during his time there worked alongside Jason Robards III, Melissa Manchester, Michael McKean and Christopher Guest. He also worked behind the scenes for many great and classic musical acts. He toured with the Grateful Dead as part of the behind the scenes crew for nine years. He also was a stage hand at the historic Woodstock Festival in 1969. He has even performed as an opening act for Carlos Santana. Douglas has also been a crew member for such famous musical acts as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Commodores, The Eagles, The Oak Ridge Boys and Mel Tormé. Douglas is currently known to many people as an American voice actor. His most famous roles are that of Mr. Gentleman on Read or Die and the current voice of Cao Cao in Dynasty Warriors.


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