Duniya Soori

Director, Writer, Dialogue writer


Suri is an Indian movie director. He became known as Duniya Suri in the wake of the success of his debut movie Duniya, for which he won the 2006–2007 Karnataka State Film Awards in the Best Screenplay category. Suri came to fame after the Duniya release, for its realistic style. The work brought a different dimension to Kannada movies.With a bachelors degree in Visual Arts in 1999 from Kalamandira School of Arts - Bangalore, he extensively worked in visual arts, television and documentaries before getting the big break in his directorial debut film ‘Duniya’ in 2006. He started his own signboard business at an early age of 12 and successfully expanded his works to various parts of India through wall paintings, portraits, interior decoration, window displays and art reproduction works before deciding to pursue a degree in Visual Arts. His works in stage and art continued even during his Kalamandira days and as a reflection, his films are also well known for excellent art work.

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