Jeff Harding



Jeff Harding is an American actor from Andover, Massachusetts who attended college in Brunswick, Maine. He is most famed for his narration of popular books into audio format. Notably, he has read The Da Vinci Code, The Bourne Identity, Kane and Abel and Secrets Of The Code. His acting career as speaking extras is well documented, appearing in such high-profile productions as Alfie and Tomorrow Never Dies, Hackers and (with Michael Caine) Bullseye!.Now living in the United Kingdom (since the late 1970s), Jeff has appeared in notable UK comedies such as The Armando Iannucci Shows, The Fast Show and Father Ted. He is also remembered for his role as Orrin Hudson in the 1980s BBC drama series Howards Way, and has since appeared on The Basil Brush Show on the CBBC Channel. In The Fast Show, Harding played the character Ed Winchester, whose entire sketch often involved the character saying Hi, Im Ed Winchester into the camera.He also appeared in the 1990s remake of The Tomorrow People as General Damon.In the BBC docudrama series Seven Wonders of the Industrial World he played the part of chief engineer John Frank Stevens in the episode dedicated to the building of the Panama Canal.He guest-starred in the CW series Life is Wild in the episode Open for Business. He voices Vincent Meis in the video game The Witcher.Previous to his high-profile showbusiness career, he taught in Morocco and later became a Master Carpenter at the Palace Theatre.

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