Jonathan Levine

Director, Writer


Jonathan LeVine is an American art dealer. In 2005 he opened the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. He sells lowbrow and street art. As a child, LeVine lived in Trenton, New Jersey. He graduated in sculpture. In 2001 he opened a small gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and two years later moved it to Philadelphia. In 2005 he moved again, to the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City. In 2007, work by eight Brazilian street and graffiti artists was shown as "Ruas De São Paulo". In June 2007, LeVine rented a temporary space in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn for Shepard Fairey's exhibition E Pluribus Venom. In 2010, LeVine put on a group show for the fifth anniversary of his gallery; some of the works were also shown on The New York Times website, with audio commentary by LeVine.

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