Michael Hausman



Michael Hausman is an American percussionist and artist manager in the music industry. He was a former student of Berklee College of Music and played with a Boston band called The Dark before becoming the drummer for the mid-1980s new wave band 'Til Tuesday; the group's best-known hit, "Voices Carry" is said to have been inspired by an argument between Hausman and bandmate/former girlfriend Aimee Mann. The producer, Mike Thorne, in a March 1999 article disputes this and states the lyrics originally had Mann singing to another woman. The gender was changed due to pressure from the record company. Hausman later became a manager, representing Mann and other artists, including Michael Penn, Skeleton Key and Pete Droge; in addition to Mann, his current roster includes Suzanne Vega, Marc Cohn, Amanda Palmer, Kristina Train and Christina Courtin. Hausman, along with Mann and Penn, founded the independent music collective United Musicians, which is based on the principle that every artist should be able to retain copyright ownership of the work he or she has created.