Urvashi (Sanskrit: उर्वशी, lit. she who can control heart of others. (Ur means heart and vash means to control) is an Apsara (nymph) in Hindu legend. Monier Monier-Williams proposes a different etymology in which the name means widely pervasive and suggests that in its first appearances in Vedic texts it is a name for the dawn goddess. She was a celestial maiden in Indras court and was considered the most beautiful of all the Apsaras.She is the mother of Rishyasringa, the great saint of the Ramayana era of ancient India from Vibhandaka, who later played crucial role in birth of Rama and was married to Shanta, the elder sister of Rama.She became the wife of king Pururavas (, from + crying much or loudly), an ancient chief of the lunar race. ShBr 11.5.1, and treated in Kalidasas drama Vikramōrvaśīyam.She is perennially youthful and infinitely charming but always elusive. She is a source as much of delight as of dolour.

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