Patrick Hasburgh



Patrick Hasburgh is an American television producer and writer.He is best known for his work on the television series Hardcastle and McCormick and 21 Jump Street, two series he co-created with Stephen J. Cannell. His other television credits include The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team, SeaQuest 2032 and L.A. Firefighters.In 1993, he wrote and directed the feature film Aspen Extreme.In 2004, Thomas Dunne Books (imprint of St. Martins Press) published his first novel (mystery), Aspen Pulp. The dust jacket reads, Its off season in Aspen, and washed up Hollywood hack Jake Wheeler is conned into applying the hysterically limited sleuthing skills he made up while writing bad TV shows to find a promiscuous runaway named Tinker Mellon. As Jake stumbles through his hunt for the troubled high school basketball star, a search that takes him inside Aspens crumbling upper crust and then deep inside its abandoned mineshafts, he discovers that the spectacular teenage beauty is caught up in a deadly tangle of party drugs, world terror, and right-wing lunacy. Stephen Cannells review on the jacket states that it sets a new high point for the comic novel and notes that Patricks social commentary, keen sense of dialogue, and funny take on life make this book a delight.

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