Paul Kasey


Born: Chatham, Kent, England, UK


Paul Kasey (born 5 August 1973) is an English actor who frequently plays monsters on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and TorchwoodKasey was born in Chatham, Kent. He has played the Cybercontroller, the Cyber Leader, Cybermen, a clockwork android, the Hoix, an Auton, a Slitheen, an Ood, the Anne-Droid and a member of the Forest of Cheem in Doctor Who, and Janet the Weevil, Alien Blowfish and a Hoix in Torchwood.He has also made many appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures as aliens, and frequent appearances as himself on Totally Doctor Who, usually in costume. He has also appeared as a zombie in 28 Days Later and Ello Asty in The Force Awakens along with Admiral Raddus in Rogue One.

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