Vasant Prakash

Actor, Music director


Prakash is a common given name in Asian, Hindu, Sanskrit names and widely used in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Prakash, is generally used as a masculine name. It is pronounced pruh-KAHSH. The word Prakash is derived from the Sanskrit word prakāśa, literally meaning Bright light or Sun light or Moon light or simply Light. Metaphorically, it designates the person as a source of enlightenment or wisdom. From the Sanskrit pra meaning forth and kāśa meaning shining. Hence the meaning luminous; shining forth. Hindu given names are from Sanskrit. Given names derive from a number of sources including Religion, Nature, family names and Sanskrit vocabulary words. Sacred Hindu texts are the source of most names. And these names generally contain a given name followed by some Number of secondary names. Secondary names are often patronyms, names derived from the Father, grandfather or other paternal ancestor, village names, occupation names, or names of Gods.Notable persons with this name include:

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