Sanyukta, also known as Sanyogita, Sanjukta, or Samyukta, is a character in the medieval heroic romance Prithviraj Raso who is said to have been the daughter of Jaichand, the King of Kannauj, and one of three wives of Prithviraj Chauhan . Prithviraj Chauhan is a popular figure of romance and chivalry from the folklore of medieval India, and also a figure of tragedy, who is said to have ruled from his twin capitals of Pithoragarh and Ajmer. The love between Prithviraj and Samyukta is one of Indias most popular medieval romances, immortalized in Chand Bardai’s epic Prithviraj Raso (or, Chand Raisa), but the historicity of the Samyukta episode remains a matter of debate.

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