Tenma Shibuya



is a Japanese actor, Japanese classical dancer, and cultural exchange activist. He began his career as an actor in 1993 after returning from US, where he attended college. He made appearances in a number of films, stages, and TV dramas in his early acting career in Japan. In 2006, Shibuya, aged 36, visited China for the first time, leading his jump into Chinese show business. In 2008, Shibuya played Colonel Sato, an impressive villain in Yip Man(Ip Man), a Hong Kong kung-fu movie that won the best film award of 28th Hong Kong Film Awards. He starred in the top-rated Chinese TV drama in 2011, Borrow Gun, in which Shibuya successfully portrayed Kato, a character that won him an overnight fame in all of China. He has often been cast in the role of a villainous Japanese soldier in Chinese anti-Japanese war films. Up until 2015, Shibuya has appeared in over 100 productions including movies, TV dramas and stage works in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S, gaining a great popularity in Asian areas especially in Chinese-speaking areas In addition to acting, he has been a Japanese classical dancer and songwriter for over 20 years. Shibuya has also volunteered in international cultural exchange activities for over 25 years. He taught Japanese in high schools as a volunteer in Eugene, OR. Shibuya also founded Japan-China cultural exchange promotion, a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization aiming to promote cultural exchange between Japan and China in 2009. He serves the general director of this organization since the beginning.

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