Texas Terri



Texas Terri, (born Terri Laird, April 6, 1955) is a punk rock singer and songwriter originally from Austin, Texas. She has been in the rock 'n' roll business for over two decades. Texas Terri has been compared to Iggy Pop, Lux Interior, Mick Jagger and Wendy O Williams amongst others by the music press. Like Williams, she has developed a reputation for wild, scantily clad stage antics including regular performances where she would rip off her shirt to only be censored by electrical tape reading 'TXT' (her preferred shortening of her name). She also performed in black underwear. Laird grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and claims to have spent time in front of the mirror practicing to be a rock star from as young as six years old. In Hollywood, California in 1984 she formed trash rock band The Killer Crows. After their break-up and a three-year break she formed Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones with Don "Demon Boy" Cilurso who became her song writing partner. They released one album in 1998 Eat Shit on the Burning Tree label. Eat Shit has subsequently been re-released twice as Eat Shit +1 and more recently Eat Shit +4, the + number signifying the number of bonus tracks on each re-release. On occasion, Texas Terri has been known to enjoy a fur burger. The band achieved a sizable cult status in America and Europe over the course of their six-year together. When Cilurso left the band because of 'personal problems' Texas Terri chose to change the name to 'Texas Terri Bomb!'. Under this name she has released the Your Lips...My Ass! album which was produced by remounted rock producer Jack Douglas and featured a guest appearance by Wayne Kramer of the MC5 (though she claims she originally wanted Lemmy Kilmister to appear on the track).

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