Awara Baap

  • U (INDIA)
  • 1985

8 %

Awara Baap is a 1985 Hindi-language Drama Family motion picture written by Ram Kelkar and directed by Sohanlal Kanwar and produced by Sohanlal Kanwar. Raj is the only son of the rich man Seth Gopal Das. He has lived his childhood and teenage very lonely as his mother died when he was a child. Raj starts drinking in his adulthood and also distances himself from his father gradually. Raj starts living in a palatial bungalow, in the same city where Seth Gopal Das has his residence. Raj occasionally comes to the residence, the main bungalow where Seth Gopal Das lives.On a trip to a snowy mountain, Raj gets to meet a girl named Rupa. He protects Rupa from entering into flesh trade. Then he decides to drop her to her home but due to bad condition of roads is forced to stay in a cottage with her. As the weather becomes cold, Raj develops shivering and to protect him, Rupa decides to blow air from her mouth into his and embrace him. By doing this she manages to revive him. In the morning, Raj says she should have not done such a thing for his well being in the night. Rupa says, she was grateful to him as he had saved her from being forced to sell her body, so she didn't mind doing what she eventually did.Hearing this Raaj becomes happy and inquires, she lives with whom, she says she is alone in that area as she has to send money to her dad in distant village.Raj asks her will she like to stay with him and then she agrees to join him. Also while being in love with Raj, Rupa makes him promise her that he won't take to drinking with her being alive in his life. After he reaches his home, he gets to meet Bihari and comes to know that Bihari has come on his father's order, to take him to his dad's residence as some guests are going to arrive . Raj agrees to come in the evening for dinner and there he notices that his dad has fixed his engagement with another girl. Raj comes to know that Gopal Das fixed marriage with daughter of Jamuna Das, as he was going to get huge amount in form of dowry for his son's wedding and he is in dire need of money, thanks to the incident of one of his ships drowned in the sea and it was not covered by insurance policy taken by Gopal's company. Raj disagrees to marry Jamuna Das' daughter. Bihari discloses to Gopal Das that the reason for Raj's refusing to marry the girl of his choice is because Raj has brought a girl to his house and is interested in marrying her. Gopal Das decides to meet Rupa personally and he tells about the financial problem he is into and how Raj's marriage with the girl of his choice would help both him and Raj.Gopal asks Rupa is she not concerned about Raj's welfare and if she is, then she should not marry him and convince her to marry the other girl. Rupa convinces Raj to get married and then herself after the wedding commits suicide. Raj becomes disillusioned but hides the facts about Rupa to his wife. He is sad and angry at his father for doing all this. But keeping with the promise he gave to Rupa, he has a good married life with his wife. His wife soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy. Due to birth complications, she dies. Now Raj takes to drinking. Raj also arranges for a statue to be built in memory of Rupa in his bungalow and shifts to residence of his dad permanently. Gopal fed up of Raj's drinking behavior send the little baby boy to abroad for his schooling and college. 18 years pass by. Raj has started drinking heavily. Meanwhile one dark night, accidentally due to heavy rains, a girl comes to Raj's residential home for help to stay in his house for one day. Raj observes the girl and realizes that she looks same as Rupa. She calls herself Deepa and Raj allows her stay in his house for the night. Deepa leaves his home early in the morning forgetting her purse. Raj goes to the address mentioned in her card available in the purse, to return it to her. Deepa is a club dancer and earns by performing in that hotel. Raj starts frequenting the hotel often. This news spreads and reaches Gopal. Although 18 years have passed since Rupa's death, Raj has still not forgiven his dad. So Bihari suggests Gopal that Deepa being a lookalike of Rupa should be married out to Raj. So Gopal to resurrect Raj's boring lonely life decides to ask Deepa her consent. But even before he could enter her room, he overhears a conversation between Deepa and her friend about how she has fooled Raj and how Raj has become a frequent visitor of Deepa. After hearing this he becomes reluctant to marry off Raj to Deepa. But the same day, Gopal dies a sudden death. Within a few days Raj's son Vijay returns to India and joins his family business of shipping. Vijay falls in love with Barkha on a business trip to Kashmir. Vijay decides that in future he would marry Brakha only. But on realizing that his dad is very sad and on learning that Raj is in love with Deepa, Vijay decides to declare a marriage of Deepa and his father Raj. Deepa agrees to marry Raj only on the condition that she would be declared owner of all assets of Gopaldas and Vijay's share be transferred to her. Vijay prefers to think about his dad's well being and decides to not claim any right to property in future. Then marriage of Raj and Deepa take place. Deepa starts behaving indifferently with Raj and causes lots of embarrassing situation for Raj. When Raj questions her as to why she is behaving indecently in the house since the time they were married to each other, Deepa says that Raj has no authority to question her. After few months she becomes pregnant and starts pressuring Vijay and tells him that she would not continue with Raj and bring a bad name for family if Vijay marries off anyone and tries to become a dad himself. Rest of the story is about whether Raj will allow Vijay to make such a sacrifice? Will Vijay marry Barkha? Will Deepa exploit Raj ? What is the motive of Deepa in falling in love with Raj? Will Raj stop drinking? Will Barkha agree to be not a mother after her marriage to Vijay? How long will Deepa blackmail Vijay and Viajy succumb to Deepa's demands? Will Deepa keep Raj happy in his life?. Awara baap stars Rajesh Khanna in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Meenakshi Seshadri, Rajan Sippy, Madhuri Dixit, Om Prakash, Bharat Bhushan and Om Shivpuri. The music was composed by Rahul Dev Burman along with R.d.burman. It was released on 27th December 1985.

Certificate U (INDIA)
Release Date 27 DEC 1985



Drama , Family

Cast & Crew