Mafia don Jagraj wants to destroy the peace of India and capture Kashmir. He sent his right hand Goga to spread communal violence whole over the country. Their henchmen are active to make riot between Hindu and Muslims. Raghu is one of them but in this course of action his own child became killed. Ex freedom fighter Pir Saheb prayed to the communities to stop the bloody riot and finally he succeeded. Broken heart Raghu comes to Pir Saheb and informs that riots were pre planned, Pir Seheb's close associate Mahadeb is involved with mastermind Mafia Jagraj. Initially Pir Saheb did not believe it but Raghu handed over a secret file to him before committing suicide. Pir Saheb challenged Mahadeb about his works. While he tried to make confess Mahaeb, Goga killed Pir Saheb. Now Goga deputed two friends namely Veeru and Akbar to find out that secret file.

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