Indian Army Major Ranvir Kaul and some 30 of his colleagues were captured in Pakistan and held under brutal conditions for 33 years. Kaul attempts another escape but is caught, beaten, berated and thrown back in prison. During the fracas one of his men does flee and through a sympathetic friend, Jabbar, sends a letter home. Kaul's wife and son petition the Indian Army but the General, though sympathetic, has his hands tied. He raises the subject and Pakistan will deny it and immediately the men will be shot; he cannot authorize Army action absent hard evidence (not just a letter); there are no other options. Kaul's son, Gaurav, sets off to find his father.

Gaurav meets Jabbar and discovers that his father has been transferred to a different prison camp, Saran Jail under the cunning and sadistic Sohail. Kaul meets another set of captured Indian POWs at this new prison. Kaul attempts another escape. One man sacrifices himself on the electric fence as others go through. Sohail bemusedly sighs as the others, once past the fence, are blown up by the landmines. Kaul and the remaining prisoners are again beaten and kicked back into their barracks. One of the prisoners, Khan, manages to evade the landmines and escapes. Gaurav brings him to safety.

Gaurav attacks a military courier and, using his uniforms, infiltrates a Pakistan Army office block. He steals a set of plans which reveal a water main under the prison. His father and the men can dig their way to this main and crawl out. With great reluctance Khan gets arrested again. Sohail correctly guesses that Khan is back for a reason. Khan discloses to Kaul that his son is here; this news, and the water main, is a great inspiration for the men.

The men quietly begin digging a tunnel to the water main. They discover the body of an Indian Army Captain Jatin in the debris under the prison, but this Jatin is among them! Khan and Kaul discover that he is in fact a Pakistani spy. Gaurav and Khan had planned the escape for the night of the tenth and Jatin, the spy, had dutifully reported this back to Sohail. Kaul and Khan decide that the escape will happen on the ninth. Jatin is not told of this but the men manage to send a coded message to Gaurav. The following day Khan notices the number 9 scrawled on an army supply truck entering the prison: it is Gaurav’s reply. He will await the men near the water main outlet on the ninth.

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