Do Behnen

  • U (INDIA)
  • 1959

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Do Behnen is a 1959 Hindi-language Drama Romance film written by Mukhram Sharma and directed by Kedar Kapoor. Bombay-based look-alike twin sisters, Vasanti and Malti, live a wealthy lifestyle with their parents. Their father, Raghunath, arranges devout Vasanti's marriage with Ramesh, who lives with his widower father, a doctor, and a sister, Rekha. After the wedding, Raghunath is shocked to find Malti singing and dancing with a male named Anokhey in a nightclub. He brings her home, admonishes her severely and forbids her to leave the home. In response, she elopes with Anokhey, travels to Poona and books a room in Paramount Hotel. Shortly thereafter Anokhey shows his true colors, squanders her money, starts drinking, and frequenting prostitutes. He then takes her jewelry and walks out of her life. In order to recover the rent, the Hotel Manager contacts the Mathurs, and Vasanti and her mom attend to take Malti back home. While traveling home, the train meets with an accident and Vasanti passes away. Her mother tells everyone that it is Malti who has passed away, and compels Malti to take Vasanti's place as a form of repentance for her mistakes. The question remains: Will an irresponsible Malti be able to pull wool over Ramesh's eyes, and if so, for how long? Written by rAjOo ( Do behnen features Rajendra Kumar Tuli, Chand Usmani, Ramayan Tiwari, Ram Mohan, S.k. Prem, Mumtaz Begum and Moti. It was released on 1st January 1959.

Directed by Kedar Kapoor, starring Chand Usmani in the lead role.

Certificate U (INDIA)
Release Date 01 JAN 1959

Hindi, Urdu


Drama , Romance

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