During the Partition of India, the film tells the story of a truck driver, Tara Singh (Sunny Deol), a Sikh, who falls in love with a Muslim girl, Sakina (Amisha Patel), belonging to an aristocratic family.

The story begins with Sikhs and Hindus being attacked by Muslims in Pakistan when trying to migrate to India by train from the railway station in west Punjab. In response, Sikhs and Hindus react by killing Muslims migrating to Pakistan from India. During the Hindu-Muslim riots that erupted soon after the Partition, Tara recognizes Sakina from the little Taj Mahal antique in her hands. He then saves and protects her from a murderous mob chasing her because she failed to get onto the train with her family members after being lost in the crowd. As the mob attempts to brutally rape and murder her, Tara Singh defends Sakina and disguises her as a Sikh to protect her.

While driving back to Tara's house, the story has a major flashback showing the relationship between Tara and Sakina during her college days, but the real ambition of Tara is to become a singer. Some girls in college who are friends of Sakina, fool Tara into thinking that they have got him a spot on a music show in return for a favour. Tara performs badly in front of the music teacher, who is portrayed by Sakina (Amisha Patel). His friend then gives him tablets that help him prove his singing skills. Soon after it is shown that Sakina is not the real music teacher, which saddens him. When performing on the music show Sakina announces that she will not do her act, instead giving Tara a chance to sing despite being against the will of the seniors at the college. Tara impresses everybody with his talent. While returning home after completing the final year, Sakina is given a goodbye present by Tara.

Later, Tara's parents, Jaideep Singh and two sisters are seen weeping in Pakistan as they did not return to Amritsar before the partition. Tara's Muslim friend comes to meet the family and requests them to stay with him as parents love both friends equally. But Tara's parents and sisters do not agree, they reluctantly decide to leave. While leaving for the station, Tara's father and mother give their daughters two paper pouches. The bewildered twins ask them what that is. Father says that the sisters should not hesitate to give up their lives lest any Muslim attacks and shatters them and their dignity. Then the family reaches the station and boards the train. After some time, a large mob attacks the whole train. People run pell-mell to save themselves but they are killed gruesomely. Tara's sister hastily tries to eat the poison but two men throw it from their hands and kill them after a cruel physical abuse.

Subsequently, and back in the present, Sakina starts living in Tara's house and their respect culminates into love. One day, Tara's aunt comes to meet him and taking pity on the orphaned Sakina, asks her boy to transport her to the Muslim refugee camps. Tara and Sakina head out towards the camp but are again attacked by a violent mob. Tara again saves his Madamji. Slowly Sakina and Tara Singh fall in love, get married and become parents of a baby boy named Jeet. Their life seems like a bed of roses, until Sakina sees an old newspaper during Holi festival that has a photograph of her father, Ashraf Ali (Amrish Puri), whom she believes had been killed during the riots during the Partition.

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