On a flight from Chennai to Delhi five passengers retrieve weapons hidden in the toilet and use them to hijack the plane. An engine is damaged during the struggle with the pilots so they make an emergency landing at Tirupati Airport. Government authorities arrive. The hijackers demand 100 Crore (c. US $22,000,000), the release of their imprisoned leader Yusuf Khan, and a fresh aircraft for their escape.

National Security Guard Major Raveendra (Akkineni Nagarjuna) recalls the loss of a valued comrade at the shootout when he captured Yusuf Khan, and regrets not killing Khan at the time. He urges the government to allow a commando operation, but officials fear to risk passengers' life, not trusting Raveendra's team. The major is frustrated when the government vacillates and it seems that Khan might be released. Inside the flight, the passengers fall into groups discussing their past lives and religion. One of the terrorists becomes sentimentally attached to Afshana, a little girl returning to Karachi after her heart operation. The terrorist, however, is warned by his comrade to not become too attached as his main duty is to carry out the current tasks which include killing the passengers at the end no matter what. Another passenger frequently irritates the terrorists with bitter questions about their motives, in which he is supported by Jagdeesh, a retired army colonel. Time passes and tensions rise until one of the passengers Praveen (a drug addict) attempts an escape but is shot down by a terrorist who warns the authorities to act soon.

Ravindra's colleague Nawaz Khan(Bharath Reddy) discovers that the missing cleaner who prepared the toilet of the flight before its departure has been identified by Tamil Nadu Police. Ravi and Nawaz go to find the cleaner in the hope of getting information about the nature of weapons that were left for the hijackers. After a chase in Red Hills, they capture the man, who confesses his involvement in the plot and also gives vague information about the size of the weapon that he placed in the toilet. Ravi and Nawaz deduce that it must be a plastic explosive.

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