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Goodachari (Alternate Title: Goodachari tryimdbprofree) is available to stream on Amazon Prime. It was released in 2018 and has a runtime of 143 minutes. Goodachari is a 2018 Telugu Thriller Action film. The Film features Adivi Sesh in the lead role along with Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Supriya Yarlagadda, Madhu Shalini in supporting roles. It was released on 03th August 2018. The Film was made on a budget of ₹6 crore and it was a super hit in box office gross of ₹15 crore.

Watch Goodachari full movie online in HD on Amazon Prime.

Certificate U/A (INDIA)
Release Date 03 AUG 2018
Run Time 143 MINUTES
Budget ₹ 6 CRORES



Thriller , Action , Romance

Cast & Crew


Gopi, alias Arjun (Adivi Sesh), is brought up by his uncle Satya, (Prakash Raj) after the death of his father Raghuveer during a classified mission. Arjun dreams of joining the Indian foreign intelligence agency RAW and serve the country but despite several applications, he doesn't get any response. So he decides to mention his father's name under family history with the organization in the application form and gets recruited (through a staged scenario) by "Trinetra", a wing of Indian protection force,which no one knows that exists, that reports directly to the PMO. Satya finds out about this and argues against this decision as he is afraid of losing Gopi but relents. Trinetra's chief, Damodar(Anish Kuruvilla) briefs his new recruits about their primary target Al-Mujahidin, a terrorist outfit based in several countries and its chief called Rana, whose identity remains unknown despite several attempts. Meanwhile, he starts dating Dr.Sameera Rao (Sobhita Dhulipala) a psychologist graduated from Harvard University and the girl next door. Sameera introduces her uncle as her father. He discovers this and confronts her about this but Sameera confesses that her father died in an accident and she now considers her uncle as her father. Seeing how he's in a similar situation Gopi confesses about his true identity as well.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Al-Mujahidin knows all about Trinetra anchad works on a plan known as "Mission Gopi" and follows him wherever he goes. Gopi notices an Al-Mujahidin member near the Trinetra office (disguised under "TailorMan" Clothing showroom) and follows him. After some chase and struggle he obtains a clue '1112' from the Al-Mujahidin agent. The Trinetra team assumes that it is an attack plan which on 11 December which is a month but couldn't find the target of this attack, so they keep a close watch. On the day of graduation, Achari (Swaraj Rebbapragada), a senior official and founder of Trinetra, arrives as a chief guest of the ceremony. Sameera suggests that Gopi present a scotch-whiskey bottle to Damodar instead of going empty-handed. At the graduation, all recruits get their postings. Mohammad Basha (Rakesh Varre) gets selected for primary security detail, including escorting Achari. Leena Raajan (Madhu Shalini) is assigned to reconnaissance for Dhaka network through the Indian embassy in Dhaka. Gopi,became a topper of the batch who masters all skills such as hacking and hand-to-hand combat,firing etc gets selected as an undercover agent who's identified with only a number "116". His primary job is to infiltrate, recon, sabotage and even assassinate, all behind the enemy lines. Should he be discovered R.A.W would disavow him.

He'll be assisted by his former trainers Nadiya Qureshi (Supriya Yarlagadda), who oversees the operations and Shaam (Vennela Kishore) her trusted aid and technical lead. After the inauguration and reaching home Gopi realizes his mistake i.e. the code could also mean 12 November, the same day and that the target is none other than Achari himself. Gopi tries to warn Basha but it's too late as the convoy is under attack already. Basha is mortally injured and Achari gets killed while the assailants flee. At the same time in the Trinetra office, Damodar dies of poisoning as he takes a sip of the champagne presented by Gopi. This happens while he is having a conversation with his friend and former RAW agent and Gopi's Uncle Satya, so he tries to warn Gopi regarding the same. Then Gopi reads the news flash that he is the prime suspect of the attack on the convoy and PMO issues an arrest warrant and he's flagged as a wanted terrorist. Sameera enters his apartment at the same time and gets killed in the cross-fire as Gopi is attacked by Al-Mujahideen members and flees the apartment as a special task force attacks his apartment. He manages to reach Rajahmundry where his uncle resides and they both deduce that there is a mole in Trinetra.

To find out what happens next watch the full movie on Amazon Prime.

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