Heera Moti

  • U (INDIA)
  • 1959

7 %

Heera Moti is a 1959 Hindi-language Drama motion picture directed by Krishan Chopra. Based in Vikrampur village, Dhuri lives an impoverished lifestyle along with his wife, Razia, and a sister, Champa. He is a farmer, owns a small piece of land and two oxen, Heera and Moti. He hopes to get Champa married to a fellow farmer by the name of Pashupati. He lends his oxen to Roopnandan who enters them in a race and they win much to the chagrin of the Zamindar who sends his agent, Bansilal Mehta with Rs.100/- to acquire the oxen. When Razia refuses to sell, an enraged Zamindar sets the entire community against Dhuri and his family - blacklisting as well as pitting Pashupati against him. When Dhuri approaches the Panchayat - he will soon learn that the 'Parmeshwar' is missing from the 'Panch' as it is being controlled and manipulated by the Zamindar; his oxen will not only go missing but he will have his land taken away - leaving him with no option but to re-locate elsewhere. Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com). Heera moti stars Shubha Khote, Ashim Kumar, Kumari Naaz, P. Kailash, Rashid Khan, Baij Sharma and Moolchand. It was released on 1st January 1959.

This drama film is directed by Krishan Chopra, starring Ashim Kumar in the lead role.

Certificate U (INDIA)
Release Date 01 JAN 1959

Hindi, Bhojpuri, Urdu



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