Jesus: The Desire of Ages

  • 2014

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Jesus: The Desire of Ages is a 2014 English-language Drama Family motion picture. Jesus - The Desire of Ages is a soft glove in a hard hand as far as Christian movies go. It packs a punch of theological and emotional power gloved in all the soft, warm fuzzies that make family viewing so enjoyable. The movie opens with a glimpse of the nativity scene portrayed in a very touching and human way and then quickly jumps into the drama of the closing hours of the life of Christ. Within the framework of the walk to Calvary and the crucifixion are interwoven numerous flashback sequences portraying the transformation of some ten individuals whose lives were transformed by the power and love of Christ. Jesus - The Desire of Ages tells this Old, Old Story is in an amazingly fresh and living way through the eyes of the people who knew and loved the man of Calvary. The inspiring and triumphant music score combines with a visual artistry that truly grips the viewers heart as no other Jesus movie ever has. Personal and powerful, moving and heart-wrenchingly beautiful - this film will leave you feeling like you've had an intimate encounter with someone you thought you always knew, but really didn't. Jesus - The Desire of Ages is a must for every family member, every church and every human being no matter what their religion or creed. Written by Nancy Hamilton Myers. Jesus: the desire of ages features Paul Spadaro, Desiree Orozco, Sandra Dee Richardson, Stephanie Gerard, Vickylyn Acuna, Sergio Alejandro and Susan Zangl. It was released on 1st March 2014.

Release Date 01 MAR 2014



Drama , Family

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