Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong

  • 1971

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Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong is a 1971 Hindi-language Comedy movie written by I.s. Johar and directed by S.a. Akbar. Watch the full movie, Johar Mehmood In Hongkong online, only on Eros Now. Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong, is an intelligence satire, the basic of all I. S. Johar films, in which it is left to the viewer how he interprets the scenes with laughter or interpretation. The film is the story of two conmen, Ramesh (I. S. Johar) and Mahesh (Mehmood), whose only life purposes are to make the maximum money by cheating and theft. They land in the hands of a high profile Portuguese dictator (Kamal Kapoor) who wants to blow up India with the formula of an atomic bomb, Nuclear weapon, developed by a scientist of Hong Kong, who is killed along with his daughter by high treason thieves in the hope of securing the formula, which however the scientist has already secured in a safe deposit locker in the Bank of Hong Kong. Coincidentally the scientist's daughter is a look alike, of a girl called Ms. Sonia / Usha Roy (Sonia Sahni), who the dictator wants to act like the deceased patriotic daughter, go to the bank taking her identity and take out the formula, to be later secured by him, and misused against India. For this he makes Mr. Pran (Pran), his CID officer to be close to Sonia as her engaged partner, after she wins the Beauty contest of Miss Bombay. Simultaneously he makes another of his cronies, Ramayan Tiwari, to pursue Ramesh and Mahesh, that they should also become the love interests of Sonia, so that she could be brought to Hong Kong on some pretext or the other. The story takes a turn when Mahesh really falls in love with Sonia, while posing as a blind man, out to win her sympathies, but not before she realizes the truth and is totally hurt, that he tried to cheat her as a blind man. Repentant Ramesh and Mahesh now becoming totally patriotic, decide to go to Honk Kong with Sonia and catch the culprits who want to inflict such drastic harm to India. How they manage to do this is a hilarious masterpiece, which can be understood only after watching the movie!. Johar mehmood in hong kong features Sonia Sahni, I. S. Johar, Aruna Irani, I.s. Johar, Mehmood Ali, Pran Krishan Sikand and B.b. Bhalla. It was released on 7th March 1971.

Release Date 07 MAR 1971




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