The names of the lead characters are not revealed in the film.

Sri comes to Chennai to attend an interview for a job in a BPO. Regina Cassandra is the HR officer there. Sundeep Kishan is in love with Regina since college, but she does not reciprocate his feelings. On the day of the interview, Sundeep comes to Regina's office and is threatened by a few men. Sundeep punches one of those men. Sri passes the interview and goes to a bar with his friend (Vivek Prasanna). Sundeep and the man who he punched are also in the same bar. The latter hires rowdies, who wait outside the bar and are ready to attack Sundeep. They mistake Sri for the target, beat him, and take his certificates and phone. One of the rowdies throws the certificates into a taxi and keeps the phone. The taxi is a rental car owned by don P. K. Pandian alias PKP (Madhusudhan Rao). Charle is the taxi driver who leases the car from PKP. Soon, he finds the certificates and gives them to the police station.

Sri wakes up the next morning and is shocked about the happenings in the city. He calls his friend, who takes him to his home. There, Sri freshens up and leaves for his job. Sundeep boards into a bus in which the man who he punched travels. His aim is to attack the man with acid. Sri passes the acid in the bus to him, and Sundeep carries out the attack. The police take Sri into custody as he passed the acid. Sri's certificates are also in the police station. He later tells Regina that he does not want the job and that he has lost his certificates and will get fired if he does not produce them. Regina gives him a day to find the certificates. Sundeep is also in the office and shouts at Sri. The police comes to the office and arrests Sundeep for the acid attack. The inspector is revealed to be Sundeep's uncle (Ravi Venkatraman), and he warns them off by leaving them with a condition that none of them should enter Chennai for a month. Meanwhile, the rowdies who attacked Sri are planning to kidnap a school kid and demand a ransom from his father. They hire Winnings (Ramdoss), a man who claims to be an expert kidnapper but is actually a coward. He mistakenly kidnaps PKP's son. PKP's men start the search. Winnings calls PKP and demands a crore. PKP sets out with the cash to save his son. The kidnappers decide to kill his son.

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