• 2021

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Mahhabbhoj is a 2021 Hindi-language Drama Comedy film. Mahhabbhoj stars Rahul Bagga in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Simran Chitrawanshi, Ravi Gossain, Arpana Kanwar, Asif Khan, Sourabh Patel and Navin Prabhakar. This film is a commentary on society and its treatment of death feast. Mahhabbhoj is a tradition of grand feast on the thirteenth after a cremation for the liberation of departed soul. It is believed that this feast helps the soul, find heavenly abode. At this event, whole community is fed a lavish meal in the hope to garner peace and blessings for the departed. The feast is later extended to the relatives, neighbors' and the rest of the village. However ,in contemporary times, Mrityubhoj has become a reflection of a family's social standing. Even the poorest of poor are compelled under circumstances beyond their control to organize large death feasts, taking a toll on their very existence.

Release Date 2021
Run Time 40 MINUTES



Short , Drama , Comedy

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