Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath

  • U (INDIA)
  • 1962

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Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath is a 1962 Hindi-language Comedy Drama motion picture written by Rajinder Singh Bedi and directed by Suraj Prakash. Deepak's family consists of his widowed mother, and a sister, Sheela, he lives as an House Surgeon in Sarvodaya Hospital in Bombay, while his mom and sister live in a small town. On the occasion of Sheela's marriage, he returns home, and meets Sheela's friend, Rajni, who is s student and lives in Marina Guest House, Colaba, Bombay, and falls in love with her. After the marriage, they return to Bombay, and their luggage gets mixed-up. They meet again and decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Deepak introduces Rajni to his mother, who instantly approves. Then Deepak goes to meet with Rajni's mother. It is here he will find out that Rajni has not informed her mother about him, and when he meets with Rajni, she refuses to have to do anything with him any. Deepak's mother meets with Rajni, and also comes to the conclusion that both are not suited for each other, but refuses to tell Deepak what the reason is. Dejected and depressed Deepak decides to end his life by volunteering to treat patients in a plague-infected town - knowing fully well that he may not survive. Written by rAjOo ( Mehndi lagi mere haath features Ashok Kumar Ganguly, Nanda Vinayak, Shashi Kapoor, Nasreen, Achala Sachdev, Mridula Rani and Agha. The music was composed by Kalyanji Veerji Shah along with Anandji Veerji Shah. It was released on 1st January 1962.

This film directed by Suraj Prakash.

Certificate U (INDIA)
Release Date 01 JAN 1962



Comedy , Drama , Romance

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