Mere Gharib Nawaz

  • 1973

₹ 1 Lakhs

Mere Gharib Nawaz is a 1973 Hindi-language Drama movie. Mirza Baig and his wife live a wealthy lifestyle in Jaipur, India. They have been married for 15 years but have been unable to conceive.. Mere gharib nawaz features Jalal Agha in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Anwar Ali, Satish Arora, Mumtaz Begum, Bharat Bhushan, C.s. Dubey and Nasir Hussain. Mere Gharib Nawaz was made on a budget of ₹75 lakh and at the box office it grossed only ₹1 lakh.

Release Date 1973
Budget ₹ 75 LAKHS

Hindi, Urdu



Cast & Crew