Alok (Amey Wagh) and Indu (Mithila Palkar) have been dating for three years. Indu works as an executive in an ad agency and is focused on her career. Alok, despite holding a gold medal in the Masters in Business Administration degree works as a substitute accounts teacher at a coaching class. At a party where Indu isn't present, Alok and she break up over the phone. Alok's parents (Sachin Khedekar & Chinmayi Sumit) who are aware and accepting of their relationship, want them to get engaged next year. When Alok informs them of the break-up, they are disturbed and attempt to get him to talk about it, despite his protests. In flashbacks we see Alok feel insecure and jealous when Indu talks of moving to Kerala for a year, befriends male co-workers and is unable to give Alok time and attention because of her job. Alok justifies the break-up by explaining to his parents Indu's changed behaviour, her partying and drinking habits and is firm on not wanting to get back together. His father however, wants to hear Indu's side of the story too. He tricks Alok & his mother into going out to lunch, but also invites Indu, who agrees out of respect towards Alok's parents. In the restaurant things turn awkward when Alok's father gets Indu & Alok to mention each other's best qualities, with Alok saying that Indu is better than him in every way. Later in private, Indu confronts Alok about telling his parents about their break-up and her drinking. She asks Alok why he isn't able to find a steady job, or why he chooses to do random jobs despite having been a gold medallist at college. She leaves abruptly, calling later to apologise to Alok's parents. As they head back home, we see flashbacks to Alok and Indu's last fight, where Indu confronts Alok about not showing up for interviews or leaving jobs half-way. She tells him she has read his emails in an attempt to understand Alok's behaviour and knows that Alok lied to them about why he quit his year-long internship in Boston. She asks him what he's afraid of. Alok, upset and angry at Indu for reading his emails asks her to get out of his house.

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