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It was released in 2018 and has a runtime of 170 minutes. Ratsasan is a 2018 Tamil Drama Action film written and directed by Ram Kumar. It features music composed by M Ghibran. The Movie stars Suzane George in the lead role along with Ram, Amala Paul, Kaali, Vishnu Vishal in supporting roles. It was released on 05th October 2018. The Film was made on a budget of ₹10 crore and it was a super hit in box office gross of ₹41 crore.

Certificate U/A (INDIA)
Release Date 05 OCT 2018
Run Time 170 MINUTES
Budget ₹ 10 CRORES


Cast & Crew


The film opens with the discovery of a corpse of a teenage girl who was brutally murdered.

Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to make a movie on psychopaths. After being rejected many times and due to pressure from his family, he decides to give up his dreams and become a sub-inspector with the help of his brother-in-law Doss (Ramdoss), a police officer himself. He moves to Chennai to stay with his sister Kokila (Vinodhini Vaidyanathan), Doss, and their daughter Ammu (Abhirami). Ammu gets into trouble when she makes Arun sign like her father in her report card. Her class teacher figures this out and thinks she signed it herself. He meets and befriends Ammu's teacher Viji (Amala Paul) and her niece Kayal (Baby Monica).

A teenage schoolgirl Amutha is abducted on her way home. Her parents find a mutilated doll's head in a gift box attached to their dog's collar. Arun finds a similarity with the marks on the doll and the corpse of the girl found earlier. He compares this to a similar murder of another teenage girl Samyuktha, who was murdered a few days ago. He tries to convince his superior officer Lakshmi (Suzane George) that this was a psycho at work, but his theories are brushed off as fake stories. Later, the corpse of the girl is found brutally mutilated. Arun suggests the corpses be hidden from the public to prevent the killer from gaining public attention. Initially the officials are opposed to breaking protocol, but they give in, moving the bodies to a secret facility under Dr. Nandan (Nizhalgal Ravi). Soon after, another girl Meera is abducted, this time from Ammu's school. The search leads to a teacher at the school who is revealed to be a pedophile preying on the schoolgirls. Arun encounters him trying to molest Ammu and beats him up before detaining him. He admits to being a sexual predator but denies having anything to do with the killings. In a bid to escape, he holds Venkat (Kaali Venkat), a policeman, at gunpoint. Arun manages to gun the teacher down.

Meanwhile, Ammu is abducted during her birthday party at home. Arun and Doss try to find her before Arun discovers her mutilated body in their car trunk. Arun is suspended because of the teacher's shooting. Dejected and angry, Arun investigates by himself, with the help from a few policemen. Finding an audio clip from the hearing aid of the third victim, he traces it back to a magician's performance at the victim's school's annual day event. The magician chooses her victims randomly from the audience and stalks them before abducting and killing them. This leads him to the next potential victim, a school girl Sanjana, who is abducted even though she was under surveillance. Arun tracks her location to a house in the city, where he narrowly saves the girl from being murdered. The perpetrator escapes, but her identity is revealed to be Mary Fernandez, who was involved in a killing a long while ago. Arun finds more about the case from the investigating officer Rajamanickkam (Radha Ravi).

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