Saat Sawal Yane Haatim Tai

  • 1971

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Saat Sawal Yane Haatim Tai is a 1971 Hindi-language Action Adventure film directed by Babubhai Mistri and Babubhai Mistry. During a hunt, Munirshah meets with Sabeena and both fall in love with each other. He approaches her father for her hand, but is refused as she is cursed to turn into stone after her marriage, as her father was cursed by Gulnar, a Pari (Fairy), who had turned to stone on his touch. Munirshah ks the help of generous Shahenshah-e-Yemen Haatim Bin Tai. They visit Sabeena's father's palace, view the stone bust of Gulnar. Haatim is told that he must solve seven puzzles and only after doing so will Gulnar return back to her normal self and take back her curse. Haatim agrees to do so and sets forth not realizing that he will be pitted against a half-bear half-woman; a cannibalistic giant named Irfan; merciless bandits; giant man-eating birds; be captured by Gulnar's father; and he will eventually end up as a captive to an invincible sorcerer, Kamlakh. Written by rAjOo ( Saat sawal yane haatim tai stars Naval Kumar, Hena Kumari, Heena Kumari, Sujata, Jayshree T., Anita and Yusuf Khan. It was released on 1st January 1971.

This film is directed by Babubhai Mistri

Release Date 01 JAN 1971

Hindi, Urdu


Action , Adventure , Drama , Thriller

Cast & Crew