When a young professional couple, Paul (Richard Norton) and Emma (Laurel Wiley) migrate to the exotic Caribbean paradise island of Trinidad, they discover what each lacked: her - the passion of a lover; and him - the openness he once shared with his beloved wife. The softness of the white sand beaches and the erotic rhythm of the waves create an ideal setting for a story of lust, longing and love. As Paul occupies himself with his job to cope with the recent loss of their baby, he unconsciously neglects his wife who yearns for his attention. Her subtle sexual innuendos go unreciprocated, leaving her frustrated. Emma spends her time exploring the beaches and collecting shells. There she meets Jeremiah (Chuck Jeffreys), a mute fisherman from the local village. He perceives her to be his mermaid. His robust built as he hauls in his nets appeals to her desire which she craves from her husband, Paul, in vain. Emma and Jeremiah begin a secret whirlwind romance filled with sensual encounters and stolen moments. Their nights on the shores are witnessed by non but the shells. The couple's house-keeper, Matilda (Claire Lapiste) senses something is brewing and begins to work black magic to protect the married couple from evil. But sometimes a lover's obsession with his forbidden love turns into wrath and defeats all magic spells, which leads to murder mystery as it unravels on this tropical paradise island and the secrets of the shells are revealed. Written by Kiran Maharaj

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