• U (INDIA)
  • 1972

34 %

Shehzada is a 1972 Hindi-language Drama Family motion picture written by Rajinder Krishan and directed by K. Shankar and produced by Surinder Kapoor. Circa British rule in India, wealthy DIG of Police is approached by Devdutt, a poor freedom fighter, who would like his daughter, Janki, to get married to the DIG's son, Ratan. The DIG and his wife Rajlaxmi refuse to have to do anything with Devdutt, but Ratan refuses to marry anyone else. They eventually relent and agree to this marriage. Shortly after the marriage, riots ensue between the police and freedom fighters, and as a result the DIG is killed. Rajlaxmi blames Devdutt for his death, and asks a pregnant Janki to leave her house. Unable to stand up for his wife, Ratan remains a silent spectator while his wife is thrown out. Janki goes to live with her father, who eventually passes away, and it is then Janki gives birth to a son, Rajesh. Years later, Rajesh has grown up, drives a truck, and is in love with a local shop-keeper, Chanda, who he would like to marry. Janki would like her son to go and meet his dad, and when Rajesh does so, Rajlaxmi arranges a pompous welcome for him with open arms, hoping that he will leave his mother and stay on with her. But Rajesh refuses to do this unless Rajlaxmi apologizes to Janki. An enraged Rajlaxmi refuses to do so, and asks Rajesh to leave. Rajesh and Chanda get married, and soon Chanda gets pregnant. Then the police arrest Rajesh, for which he may face several years in prison. He is held in the local police station. The truth does prevail, the real culprit is caught, and Rajesh is let go. He returns home to find out that everything is not the same any. Chanda has given birth a baby boy, and now lives with Rajlaxmi, and refuses to return home. Rajesh must now find out what compelled Chanda to leave Janki and go to live with Rajlaxmi. Written by rAjOo ( Shehzada stars Rajesh Khanna in the title role along with an ensemble cast including Raakhee, Pandari Bai, Rakhee Gulzar, Veena Kumari, Karan Dewan and Sudesh Sunder. The screenplay is written by R. K. Dharmraj. The music was composed by Rahul Dev Burman along with R. D. Burman. Cinematography was done by Sharad Kawda and editing by K. Shankar and G. Veluchamy. It was released on 8th September 1972. Distribution rights for the movie were acquired by Amar Chhaya.

Directed by K Shankar, starring Rajesh Khanna and Rakhee Gulzar in the lead roles.

Certificate U (INDIA)
Release Date 08 SEP 1972



Drama , Family

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